Beatrice Fernando


Author, Model & Actor and Public Speaker • Boston, MA


  • Age Range (50-70)



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My Story

A mirror that reflects your choices, or a map of your heart – this is what Beatrice Fernando’s book is to her readers. She has walked an invisible line between fate and faith, misery and hope, and hate and love. Your conclusion depends on which side of the line you are on. This is the effect In Contempt of Fate has on its readers. Like a pendulum, the narrative oscillates between the valleys and the ridges of the human heart.
Recruited by an employment agency, Beatrice was sent to Lebanon in 1980 as a housemaid. This was part of a sinister set-up to lure the gullible into slavery. She was virtually imprisoned in the house of her employer, who routinely brutalized and starved her. In a desperate attempt to escape, Beatrice leaped off a fourth-floor balcony. It was a leap into the unknown.

Today, Beatrice lives in Massachusetts, still struggling from the aftereffects of her fateful choice that day. As an activist, she works tirelessly to bring about awareness and change to the millions of oppressed people in our society who might fall victim to the slavery trade. Let her story inspire you. Join the fight to abolish slavery. Become a voice for the voiceless.

Wisdom through pain

Courage with in

I am a native of Sri Lanka, and an American citizen residing in Boston, MA. I am an author and a public speaker. I work in Healthcare as a Biometric Screener. I love writing, singing, dancing, and acting, and have given many interviews on TV, on Radio, and in newspapers.


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Beatrice Fernando