The blood orange sun, its energy shield, rays dim at the tip of the horizon, glorifying its presence to the naked eye. Slow but steady, it dips into the ocean, eliminating its surroundings with magnificent beauty.

With no sun in sight, darkness captures the earth, and shadows move into the night.

The birds fly in unison, lost dogs lay asleep on the warm sand, and the skyscrapers at a distance come to life. 

I lie down and close my eyes. I listen to the rhythmic mourning of waves when they break on the show line, kissing my feet and caressing my face with a sprinkle of the ocean.

My mind is at ease, my breath shallow, and peace comforts me.

Alone, not lonely, melancholy but not sad, eyes tear yet no reason to cry.

Hair swaying without direction, the wind hums, and I become one with the night.

The beauty I see is painful, the agony I sense is blissful, and joy is short-lived, but it holds me within like a longing desire.

Am I looking for something? Do I belong somewhere? How can I hold onto this moment in time? I fall in love with this magic and float instantly, waiting for the mirage forever!